3M™ Attest™ Rapid Readout Biological Indicator Test Pack 1298F

3M™ Attest™ Rapid Readout Biological Indicator Test Pack 1298F

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for Ethylene Oxide Sterilization, 25/BX, 2 BX/CTN. Rapid Readout Biological Indicator test pack for EO (ethylene oxide) Sterilization, 4 hour readout, green cap. 25/box.
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    Pre assembled, EO (ethylene oxide) plastic disposable test pack with an Attest 1294 biological indicator at the end of a tortuous or winding path. The pack is used to monitor all EO cycles. The pack is designed to present a resistant challenge to the EO sterilization process as is the AAMI routine syringe test pack.
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    Biological Indicator results in four hours., Test packs present a challenge to the sterilization process as does the routine EO biological indicator syringe pack recommended by AAMI, Every load monitoring and quarantining can eliminate recalls, Malfunctioning sterilizers can be repaired and put back into service quickly, Each test pack contains a 3M™ Attest™ Rapid Readout Biological Indicator 1294, Used in conjunction with the 3M™ Attest™ Auto-reader 390G
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