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3M™ Attest™ Sterilization Record Envelopes 1254E-A

3M™ Attest™ Sterilization Record Envelopes 1254E-A

SKU: 7100073600
Sterilization Process Record Keeping Envelopes, for recording and storing information on Steam, Immediate Use (Flash) or Low Temperature Systems
  • Product Additional Description

    Sterilization Process Record Keeping envelopes include space for all pertinent information that must be recorded including load contents, exposure time and temperature, aeration time and temperature, operator initials, Bowie-Dick, and biological and chemical indicator results
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  • Product Feature

    2 load-contents columns., Back-up information can be stored neatly inside the envelope. There is space for Bowie-Dick test sheets, test pack chemical indicators, sterilizer computer printouts, and extra record sheets
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    402 580-4478
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