3M™ Bair Hugger™ 500 and 700 Series Equipment Mounting Rod Kit 90070

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The 3M™ Bair Paws™ system has revolutionized forced-air warming by providing clinicians options for comfort and clinical warming throughout the perioperative process in one convenient gown. The Bair Paws system offers a pediatric size, providing a way to warm and comfort some of the smallest surgical patients.
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    Small surgical patients now have access to a big-time advance in pediatric care – the Bair Paws pediatric warming gown. With a single pediatric gown and a Bair Paws warming unit, an elementary school-aged patient may be prewarmed before surgery or receive comfort warming while awaiting a procedure. Once in the OR, the same gown offers warming for select surgical procedures when connected to a 3M™ Bair Hugger™ warming unit. Warming therapy may continue in PACU, with either comfort or clinical capabilities available when needed. The Bair Paws pediatric gown accommodates children over 40 inches tall and is designed to be used in the pre-op, PACU and for select surgical procedures.
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    Refastenable strips provide quick access to the arms and chest, Side ties ensure full, secure coverage, even in the back, Dual air-channel inserts and hose ports enable prewarming and comfort warming with a Bair Paws 800 series warming unit, or clinical warming with a Bair Hugger 500 or 700 series temperature management unit. (The Bair Paws hose port is on the lower right side; the Bair Hugger hose port is on the upper left shoulder.), Soft material means greater personal comfort, Convenient, Easy-to-use
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