3M™ Bair Hugger™ Flex Warming Gown with Booties 83203, X-Large Size, 20/Case

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3M™ Bair Hugger™ Flex Warming Gown with Booties, X Large Size, Model 83203
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    The Bair Hugger flex gown combines the best of both worlds: the comfort and convenience of the Bair Hugger gown with the powerful, proven warming of Bair Hugger therapy. The gowns patient-adjustable, all-in-one warming capabilities make it a great option for helping to achieve normothermia-related quality measures. With just one gown, clinicians now have the ability to warm during virtually any procedure, including those involving upper, torso or lower body warming. The Bair Hugger flex gown can simplify the entire perioperative warming process and save money by eliminating the costs and hassles of buying, storing and using multiple items like cotton gowns and cotton blankets. The x-large size gown is ideal for warming bariatric and larger surgical patients throughout the perioperative process. Lower extremities are often cold before and after surgery. Booties, in conjunction with the gown, can help keep the patient comfortable.
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    Two inserts allow for greater warming flexibility: upper, torso or lower body warming; clinical or comfort warming, Patients reach the OR ready to warm with warming tools built right into the gown including a head drape, tie strips and a patient adhesive strip, Upper warming insert includes all the features of a Bair Hugger upper body blanket, Separate upper and lower inserts allow you to activate warming only where you want it, Can improve patient satisfaction by keeping patients warm, cozy and covered, Accommodates bariatric and larger surgical patients, Booties can help keep patients comfortable
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