3M™ Ball Marker 1425-XR/ID, 5 ft Range, Gas

SKU: 7100178428
3M™ EMS Extended Range Ball Marker is specially designed for locating flush mounted facilities that are covered by backfill. It is affixed to the underside of non metallic lids or covers over flush mounted facilities. This self align marker offers positive identification of facilities.
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    3M™ EMS Extended Range Ball Marker provides an effective way of marking underground facility lines. It withstands a temperature range of 4 to 122 °F ( 20 to 50 °C). This passive underground marker with a water resistant polyethylene shell does not react with any chemicals or minerals. This ball marker effectively operates without the need for any external power source.
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    Self-leveling design for precise and horizontal positioning, Offers easy marking of buried power lines, Passive antenna encased in water-resistant polyethylene shell, Withstands a temperature range of -4 to 122 °F (-20 to 50 °C), Works without any external power source, Works without any external power source
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