3M™ Clean-Walk Framed Mat 5840, White On Black, 31-1/2 in x 25-1/2 in, 1/Case

3M™ Clean-Walk Framed Mat 5840, White On Black, 31-1/2 in x 25-1/2 in, 1/Case

SKU: 7010375687
3M™ Clean Walk Framed Mat 5840 is a white pad with a muliple layer sticky mat with individually tabbed layers on a black portable frame.
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    3M™ Clean-Walk Framed Mat 5840 is used in removing dirt and other contaminates from the bottom of shoes, wheels or any passing objects. Removal of particulate prevents contamination in sensitive operations such as clean room or paint area. Reduces maintenence and replacement costs due to premature wear of flooring surfaces. Movable frame allows for positioning on carpets and other surfaces. Portability is an important feature if used in static sensitive areas because the mat can be removed from the area to isolate static charge that may be occur when sheets are removed.
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    Thin framed floor mat profile minimizes tripping hazard. Bottom layer of the pad firmly attaches to most smooth, clean surfaces, such as tile or sealed concrete., Sticky mat captures dirt on contact before tracking it from one area to another. It prolongs life and appearance of floors and carpet and reduces facility maintenance and clean up. Pad length is sufficient for two step contact., Multiple adhesive layers allow for easily renewed surface. Individually numbered tabs ensure that only one layer is removed at a time., Facilities, general industrial, maintenance, military, aerospace, construction, transportation, truck, bus, commercial vehicle, manufacturing, automotive, RV, ship yards, metal working, appliance, electronics, food and beverage., Protecting, preventing, prolonging life, controlling contamination, reducing dirt and dust, keeping clean, removing dirt
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