3M™ Cloth Sheet 481W, 220, 9 in x 11 in, 25 per inner, 250 per case

3M™ Cloth Sheet 481W, 220, 9 in x 11 in, 25 per inner, 250 per case

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3M™  Cloth Sheet 481W is an abrasive sanding cloth constructed on a heavy, screen backing that features closed coat construction for aggressive sanding action. The silicon carbide abrasive and flexible backing make this cloth an ideal product for dry applications such as metal surface sanding and stock removal.
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    Screen Sanding Cloth
    Our 3M™ Cloth Sheet 481W is best suited for metal sanding and finishing thanks to its durability and fast cutting abrasive material. Its heavy, screen cloth backing provides smooth operation and durability and can conform to the shape of contoured parts for consistent finishing. The abrasive side features closed coat construction for aggressive sanding and a distinct brown color helps to easily differentiate it from other grits and grains.

    Silicon Carbide Abrasive
    This product primarily uses silicon carbide, which is a popular choice among industrial professionals because of its fast cut-rate and smooth finish. This synthetic mineral is very hard and fractures easily, resulting in freshly exposed sharp edges that cut extra fast and produce a smooth, professional-looking finish. Silicon carbide products are commonly used for low-pressure applications such as cleaning and finishing on wood and metal.

    Waterproof and Heat Resistant
    3M™ Cloth Sheet 481W also uses a resin bonding which is specially designed to resist thermal and chemical deterioration, which can occur during sanding. This bond is very tough and excellent for precision work on hard and soft surfaces. This also allows for faster sanding and a higher cut rate. The waterproof enables the user to rinse areas of the workpiece and the cloth during use to prevent dust and debris from clogging the points of the abrasive, while producing a faster cut at the same time.

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    Tough, screen cloth backing offers excellent durability in sanding applications, Silicon carbide mineral provides an aggressive cut and a consistent, finish., Resin bonding resists deterioration from heat, extending the life of the abrasive cloth, Flexible screen cloth material conforms to contoured parts for consistent finishing, Closed coat provides greater grain density and finer finish on hard surfaces, Waterproof material allow for easy debris removal
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