3M™ Comply™ SteriGage™ Steam Chemical Integrator Test Pack 41360

3M™ Comply™ SteriGage™ Steam Chemical Integrator Test Pack 41360

SKU: 7000002710
Integrator Test Pack with Comply™ (SteriGage™) steam chemical integrator (AAMI Class 5) 4 PK/BG 4 BG/BX 4 BX/CS.
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    3M™ Comply (SteriGage™) Steam Chemical Integrator Test pack consists of a 3M™ Comply 1243 (SteriGage™) Steam Chemical Integrator (AAMI Class 5) in a small test pack of porous substrate with a moisture impervious, quality disposable wrap. The pack is specifically designed to present a resistant challenge to the steam sterilization process as does the AAMI 16 towel pack.
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    Pack design provides a consistent, resistant challenge to the sterilization cycle for reliable results., Integrators respond to all steam (i.e., time, temperature, and saturated steam) to assure accuracy., Test packs provide immediate Accept/Reject results to allow you to respond more quickly to sterilizer problems., Results are revealed at a glance for quick and easy reading., Can provide early readout of equipment performance prior to biological indicator results and/or in between biological indicator-monitored loads for faster detection of sterilization process failures.
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