3M™ Disposable Protective Coverall 4545-XL, White, Type 5/6, 20 EA/Case

SKU: 7100198131
The 3M™ Protective Coverall 4530 is disposable safety work wear made of lightweight, breathable polypropylene with flame resistance. Designed to be worn over primary FR garments, it helps provide protection against dusts and light liquid splashes.
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    The key features make this protective coverall a great disposable PPE option. The 3M protective coverall 4530 helps protect against dusts and light liquid splashes. Typical applications for this safety work wear may include: Welding, metal grinding, General Powder Handling, and Woodworking. Designed to be worn over primary thermal protective FR garments. Product recommended for the following industries: Abatement/Remediation, Agriculture, Cleaning and Maintenance, General Industry/Manufacturing, Non Hazardous Operations, Welding/Metalwork.
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    Flame resistant treatment offers secondary protection against heat and flame., Made with a breathable material that helps reduce heat build-up and promote comfortable wear., Knit cuffs provide a soft wrist closure for increased comfort compared to elastic closures., Reinforcement gusset between the legs to help provide increased durability during bending and squatting.
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