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3M™ Duraprep™ Surgical Surgical Prepping Solution 8630, 26 mL

3M™ Duraprep™ Surgical Surgical Prepping Solution 8630, 26 mL

SKU: 7100018326
A proper skin prep reduces a patient's bacterial load throughout the perioperative process, providing both immediate and lasting protection.
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    3M™ DuraPrep™ Surgical Prepping Solution gives you effective antimicrobial kill in a single, painted coat, along with significantly greater drape adhesion when compared to ChloraPrep® Antiseptic. 3M™ DuraPrep™ Surgical Prepping Solution, is not povidone iodine and is not represented in any clinical study that references PVP I. 3M™ DuraPrep™ Surgical Prepping Solution keeps resident bacterial counts low for at least 48 hours after blood and saline challenge, and at least 12 hours against transient bacteria. Don't let the applicators fool your surgical team. Only one surgical patient prep is NDA approved by the FDA to be applied in a single, painted, coat with no scrubbing: 3M™ DuraPrep™ Surgical Prepping Solution.
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    Provides both rapid bacterial kill and long lasting antimicrobial persistence, Contains 3M™ Prep Protection Film, which dries to form a persistent and durable layer of protection on the patient's skin., 3M™ Prep Protection Film was scientifically formulated to protect the prep from removal during surgery., The 3M Prep Protection film acts as a primer that helps an antimicrobial incise drape adhere to the patient's skin and protects against incise drape lift.
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