3M™ High-Temperature Masking Liquid 2538, 1 kg

SKU: 7100200422
3M High-Temperature Masking Liquid EAS2538 is an olefin hybrid adhesive that is specially formulated to offer excellent high-temperature resistance and low slump during processing. This specially formulated hot melt removes cleanly from various electronic substrates by peeling even after 10 min @ 260°C (500°F). The non-silicone formulation reduces the potential for silicone contamination which can interfere with subsequent bonding or conformal coating processes. The high-temperature resistance adhesive also possesses excellent chemical resistance and can be considered for demanding chemical masking applications.
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    Excellent conformability upon dispensing, High-temperature slump resistance, Fast process time, Clean removal, Stable dielectric properties, Silicone free, Good chemical resistance to conformal coatings, acids and bases ingression
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