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3M™ Integrated Protective Eyewear V901AF Clear Anti-fog Lens, 20/cs

3M™ Integrated Protective Eyewear V901AF Clear Anti-fog Lens, 20/cs

SKU: 7100101916
Designed with a tooless clip-on attachment to connect to the headband of the helmet or headgear, the V9 safety spectacles are designed to be fitted to the 3M™ SecureFit™ Safety Helmet X5000 Series as well as the 3M™ H-700 and H-800 Series of Hard Hats. This stable form of eyewear is easy to adjust and retracts neatly between the hard hat shell and suspension when not in use.
  • Product Additional Description

    The need to wear multiple pieces of personal protective equipment can be cumbersome and uncomfortable. The new 3M™ Helmet Integrated Safety Glasses V9 Series helps combat these issues. Three pivoting adjustment points allow for positioning to suit a range of face shapes and sizes and enable the safety glasses to be stored inside the helmet to protect them from damage during storage or when eye protection is not required. The eyewear can be used at the same time as face shields when continuous eye protection is required but face shields are not in constant use. Designed without temple arms the helmet integrated safety spectacles will not interfere with the acoustic seal of 3M helmet mounted earmuffs.
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    Attaches directly to safety helmet suspension, Without temple arms, the helmet integrated safety glasses will not interfere with the acoustic seal of 3M helmet mounted earmuffs, Retracts between safety helmet suspension and shell, helping to protect the lens when not in use, New improved nose bridge design adds extra protection for the lenses, preventing scratches from the helmet, Increased link friction provides even more secure positioning* *than the 3M™ Safety Glasses HIE6 Series, Three pivot adjustment points allow easy maneuvering and adjustment for closeness and height, Designed to be lightweight on nose and temples, Anti-fog lens
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