3M™ Light Vision™ 2 Protective Eyewear 11477-00000-10

3M™ Light Vision™ 2 Protective Eyewear 11477-00000-10

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Designed for workers who have difficulty reading small print or are engaged in small detail work. Light Vision reader protective eyewear features magnifying diopters and adjustable hands-free, dual LED bulbs for darker work environments. Clear Anti-Fog Lens, Gray Frame, +1.5 Diopt 10 EA/Case.
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    LightVision protective eyewear is industrial safety eyewear designed with integral hands-free lighting. Now, individuals can see and work in low light or dark environments with ultra-bright, adjustable LEDs on either temple. Lights swivel for directional convenience, and long-lasting batteries provide up to 50 hours of continuous use. Soft rubber temples and nose bridge for extended wear comfort. - Clear anti-fog lens - Gray frame - Bifocal readers with +1.5 magnification diopter - Polycarbonate lens absorbs 99.9% UV - Includes LED lights, microfiber bag and lanyard - Meets the High Impact Requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2015 - 10 safety glasses per case
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    Hands-free directed lighting with Ultra-bright, adjustable LED lights, Molded-in magnifying +1.5 diopter, Adjustable length temple and soft nose bridge, Polycarbonate lenses absorb 99.9% UV, Meets the requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2015
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