3M™ Low-Static Non-Silicone Polyimide Film Tape 7419, 18 mm x 33 m

3M™ Low-Static Non-Silicone Polyimide Film Tape 7419, 18 mm x 33 m

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3M™ Low-Static, Non-Silicone Polyimide Film Tape 7419 with DuPont™ Kapton® polyimide film and acrylic adhesive used for PCB solder masking and other high-temperature applications. Low-Static. Amber. 18 mm x 33 m
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    This high temperature tape utilizes a non-silicone adhesive formulation which eliminates concerns about silicone contamination on the masked areas. It also has designed in static dissipative performance attributes and produces very low static charge during unwind and removal making it desirable in static sensitive applications. 3M tape 7419 has been designed to remove cleanly from a variety of typical electronic substrates including FR-4, polyimide, gold, copper, and silicon after high temperature processing. Standard Lead Time: 15 Calendar Days
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    Specially formulated acrylic adhesive is resistant to typical solder mask temperatures for short periods of time, Stays firmly in place during processing and removes cleanly from typical electronic substrates even after 10 min @ 500°s F (260°s C), Non-silicone adhesive formulation eliminates the potential for silicone contamination which can interfere with subsequent bonding or conformal coating operations, The high temperature acrylic adhesive also has excellent chemical resistance and should be considered for demanding chemical masking applications, Polyethylene tape core instead of cardboard
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