3M™ Marine Rubbing Compound, 09004, 16.9 fl oz (500 mL), 6 per case

3M™ Marine Rubbing Compound, 09004, 16.9 fl oz (500 mL), 6 per case

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3M™ Marine Rubbing Compound delivers aggressive compounding of heavily oxidized gelcoat. Formulated for situations where oxidation is substantial, this compound renews surfaces to their original clean and clear finish. Our marine rubbing compound will bring back the original beauty of boats by getting rid of ugly oxidation.
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    An Aggressive Rubbing Compound for Tougher Jobs
    3M™ Marine Rubbing Compound cuts through heavy gelcoat oxidation and removes scratches to bring back a clear finish with deeper and more vibrant colors. When the chalky appearance of oxidation is substantial, this rubbing compound is the best choice because of its aggressive action. Our rubbing compound will unmask a smooth, more radiant finish hidden underneath chalky, white residue. 

    Makes Compounding an Easier Task
    Our compound is also made for convenient application, with easier spreading that goes on more evenly. We formulated our compound to cling to gelcoated surface to limit runoff and provide longer work time. It buffs to a high gloss with a minimum of swirl marks.

    Once compounding is complete, it's recommended to use 3M™ Marine Finesse-It™ II Finishing Material, part number 09048, after compounding and before waxing to improve the appearance of the finish. We also recommend that you protect your finish using 3M™ Perfect-It™ Boat Wax or 3M™ Marine Ultraperformance Paste Wax.  

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    Removes stubborn, heavy oxidation, Remains wet on the job with little or no mess, Delivers a high gloss finish, May be applied by hand or machine
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