3M™ Marine Ultra Performance Paste Wax, 09030, 9.5 oz, 6 per case

3M™ Marine Ultra Performance Paste Wax, 09030, 9.5 oz, 6 per case

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Our 3M™ Marine Ultra Performance Paste Wax features our unique polymer technology that combines the durability of acrylic with the soil release and water beading properties of silicone. The result is a wax that maintains a protective high gloss finish through rain, sun and soil on marine applications. Paste wax applies easily to gelcoats and painted surface.
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    Decades of Technology in a Modern High-Performance Wax
    Based on natural carnauba wax – known for its deep shine – our 3M™ Marine Ultra Performance Paste Wax is the product of carefully developed 3M polymer technology. Its formulation reduces friction and surface energy and resists dirt. The result is a long-lasting, high gloss finish that provides excellent water beading and resists fading through sun, salt and rain.

    Easy Application for Water and Land
    This innovative paste wax applies easily, covers well and polishes quickly either by hand or with a buffer. It is ideal for marine applications, including surfaces such fiberglass gelcoat, marine topside paints and painted surfaces. 

    The Science Behind the Shine
    3M™ Marine Ultra Performance Paste Wax is built on our dedication to science in each of our products. Our polymer technology combines the finest components for a long-lasting high performance marine wax that delivers consistently excellent results.

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    Ultra-high performance surface wax for marine applications, Leaves high gloss finish on fiberglass gel coats and topside paint, 3M polymer technology provides durability, water beading and soil release properties, Carnauba wax base provides added protection, Easy on, easy off formula with exceptional coverage for time savings
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