3M™ PELTOR™ Push-To-Talk (PTT) Adapt, with 6 Pin MIL-C-55116 Connect for

3M™ PELTOR™ Push-To-Talk (PTT) Adapt, with 6 Pin MIL-C-55116 Connect for

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AN/PRC-148 and AN/PRC-152 Nexus Radios, FL-U/94A 1 EA/Case. Push-To-Talk Adapter with 6 Pin MIL-C-55116 Connector for AN/PRC-148 and AN/PRC-152 Nexus Radios.
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    The 3M™ PELTOR™ Brand is a respected global leader in hearing protection and communication solutions. With production facilities in several countries including the US, 3M PELTOR supplies both traditional over the ear and innovative in-ear solutions to industry worldwide as well as elite tactical military teams and law enforcement. The PELTOR brand is built tough for the working professional.
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    Use 3M™ PELTOR™ Push-To-Talk (PTT) Adapters to optimize the placement of the PTT button for convenient activation, For use with 3M™ PELTOR™ COMTAC™™ Protective Communication Headsets and compatible two-way radios, Ambidextrous design allows for easy use by either the right or left hand, Mounting clip can be rotated 360 degrees, Design allows for either belt or shoulder mounting, Button profile and tactile feedback suitable for gloved hands, Optional shroud protects PTT button from accidental activation, for instance when laying in the prone position, NEXUS® TP-120 connection serves as a break-away connector for removal in emergency situations, Curly cable downlead with radio specific connector. To determine the appropriate PTT adapter for your two-way radio, visit 3M.com/PeltorAdapters, NATO wired
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