3M™ Petroleum Sorbent Double Boom T-280, 4 Each/Case

SKU: 7000006449
This petroleum sorbent boom is a double boom 10 feet long with two 4 inches scrim encased tubes of particulate sorbent material secured by a UV resistant netting.
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    Built-in attachment clips are provided at each end of the boom allowing the booms to be linked together, overlapping and preventing seepage between segments.
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    For use in oil-only Sorbent applications., Scrim encased tube of particulate Sorbent material is secured by netting., Built in attachment clips are provided at each end of the boom, allowing booms to be linked together., Unique double-cylinder design maximizes absorption and minimizes the escape of traces of oil in flowing water., UV resistant; will not deteriorate or disintegrate., Recommended for use in ditches, streams, rivers, lakes, and terminal docks and piers.
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