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3M™ Remover Lotion 8611, 4 fl. oz, (118 mL)

3M™ Remover Lotion 8611, 4 fl. oz, (118 mL)

SKU: 7100073218
Formulated with moisturizers for the skin, this lotion removes 3M™ DuraPrep™ Surgical Solution (Iodine Povacrylex [0.7% available iodine] and Isopropyl Alcohol, 74% w/w) Patient Preoperative Skin Preparation.
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    The easy, gentle and effective way to remove 3M™ DuraPrep™ Surgical Prepping Solution.
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    Removes iodophor color, tincture of benzoin, prep film and other materials soluble in alcohol, No scrubbing necessary, Wipes away quickly and easily in as little as 25 seconds, Does not compromise tape or dressing adhesion, Contains non-irritating and fragrance-free skin softeners and a moisturizer, Two sizes available
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    402 580-4478
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