3M™ Reston™ Self-Adhering Foam Rolls, 1563L, 4" x 196", Light Support

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3M™ Reston™ Self Adhering Foam Pads
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    3M™ Reston™ Self Adhering Foam Pads self adhering open cell foam designed to protect against skin damage from splints, casts and prostheses. Product is not intended to be used as a pressure reducing device. It can also be used as a padding for beds and chairs.
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    Versatile – Self-adhering padding is designed to work on a variety of surfaces. Available in light, medium and high support constructions., Customizable – Lightweight and conformable padding can be cut, layered and shaped., Protective – Foams can protect the skin from damage caused by splints, casts and prostheses.
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