3M™ Safety-Walk™ Cushion Matting 5100, Quarry Tile Red, 3 ft x 20 ft, Roll

SKU: 7000000666
3M™ Safety-Walk™ Cushion Matting 5100 has a rigid vinyl Z web construction provides firm support and allows cart traffic for a multifunctional work area. Available in 3 ft widths by 2 ft to 30 ft lengths in 1 ft increments. Glued on edging is available. 1/Case
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    Cushioned matting with an extended ridge design offer excellent slip resistance in wet areas, Extended ridge design provides increased traction in wet areas, helping reduce slips and falls, Open Z-web design allows liquids and small debris to fall through enhancing the security of footing, Ideal for the workplace where people stand for extended periods of time, Designed for light industrial and light to medium commercial applictions
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