3M™ Scotchcast™ Quick Step Double Sided Felt Roll Splint, 74003Q, 3 Inch

SKU: 7100054947
Breathable felt on both sides helps eliminate the risk of wrong side application. No more guessing which side is right, means fewer mistakes. Give your patients the best, with help from 3M.
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    When it comes to treating injuries, all splinting solutions are not created equal. Patients depend on you to provide the best possible care and support. That's why you should choose the splint that offers comfort and protection for patients and worry-free confidence for you.
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    Felt on both sides of the splint - helps eliminate the risk of wrong-side application while providing padding and protection for the patient\'s injury., Water-repellant technology sheds water off the splint, helping keep the patient's skin dry and reduces the risk of skin maceration., Conforms easily - the 7-layer fiberglass interior offers conformability around the bends and curves of the human body., Easy-open seams on both sides of the splint - the felt can be easily opened on either side of the splint for quick access to the fiberglass layers and trouble-free trimming., Splinting roll delivery system - easy-to-use, easy-to-reseal packaging helps prevent exposure to moisture, which causes product hardening, and as a result, waste.
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