3M™ Stainless Steel Cleaner & Protector with Scotchgard™

3M™ Stainless Steel Cleaner & Protector with Scotchgard™

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Ready-to-Use with Flip-Top Cap. 3M™ Stainless Steel Cleaner and Protector with Scotchgard™ leaves an invisible layer of protection on stainless steel surfaces making them easier to clean. This water based, oil free formula allows for quick drying streak free spot cleaning which helps reduce labor and lower product consumption. Attracts less dirt and dust than leading polishes. Non corrosive and non flammable. NSF A7 certified.
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    Oil-free formula reduces petroleum content by 90%. No buffing required. Ability to spot clean means as much as 80% time savings. No oily overspray or oily spills means less risk of slips/falls. Overall best NFPA safety rating (Health – 0, Flammability – 0, Physical Hazard – 0).
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    Clean with less effort, Allows spot cleaning, Streak-free shine, NSF A7 certified for non-direct food contact surfaces, USDA certified biobased product, Dries quickly, Non-corrosive, Non-flammable
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