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3M™ Steam IUSS Sterilization Record Envelopes 1254E-F

3M™ Steam IUSS Sterilization Record Envelopes 1254E-F

SKU: 7100073596
Sterilization Process Record Keeping Envelopes, for recording and storing information on Immediate Use Steam Sterilization(Flash) cycles
  • Product Additional Description

    Sterilization Process Record Keeping envelopes include space for all pertinent information that must be recorded including load contents, exposure time and temperature, operator initials, Bowie-Dick, and biological and chemical indicator results
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  • Product Feature

    Contains additional patient information that is suggested for Immediate Use situations, 1 load -content column, Back-up information can be stored neatly inside the envelope. There is space for Bowie-Dick test sheets, test pack chemical indicators, temperature/pressure graphs, sterilizer computer printouts, and extra load sheets
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    402 580-4478
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