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3M™ Steri-Drape™ Cesarean-Section Sheet with Aperture Pouch 7966

3M™ Steri-Drape™ Cesarean-Section Sheet with Aperture Pouch 7966

SKU: 7000002643
Cesarean Section Incise Sheet with Aperture Pouch, absorbent prevention fabric, 360 degree fluid collection pouch, tube and cord organizers
  • Product Additional Description

    Cesarean Section Sheet with Aperture Pouch is a full body procedure drape featuring impervious Biocade fabric that inhibits fluid strikethrough and a rectangular fluid collection pouch with a triangular aperture in the Steri Drape 2 incise film
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  • Product Feature

    Several drape styles and features available to meet your procedural needs., Large-capacity, 360-degree fluid collection pouch provides optimal fluid collection to help minimize contact with fluid and help reduce risk of contamination to OR team., Resistant to Strikethrough
, Tube and cord organizers are convenient and easy to use., 3M(TM) Steri-Drape(TM) 2 Incise Film offers breathable, clear adhesive film that helps provide secure and reliable adhesion., Drapes with 3M(TM) Steri-Drape(TM) Absorbent Prevention Fabric create a barrier to inhibit fluid strike-through and help eliminate the need to add other drapes or towel layers, saving time and money.
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