3M™ Steri-Drape™ Medium Drape with Incise Film and pouch 1061

SKU: 7000030133
Medium drape with Incise Film.
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    3M™ Steri-Drape™ Medium Drape with Incise Film 1061 is an ophthalmic surgical drape with incise film. The ophthalmic drapes are available in a variety of sizes with different design features to meet the needs and surgery requirements of ophthalmic surgeons worldwide.
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    Impervious polyethylene film provides a barrier to liquids, reducing exposure to blood and body fluids, Incise area gives complete coverage of lashes, lids, and brows for isolation of globe and incision area, Matte finish helps reduce glare from drape surface during procedure, Drapes remove easily helping to decrease procedure and cleanup time, Drape styles with fluid control pouches help minimize the risk of exposure to healthcare personnel, Maximizes OR efficiency by providing fluid control, Saves time and money by helping to eliminate the need to add pouch to the drape, Malleable face arches are incorporated into the 1055B fabric drapes to help provide easy access for OR teams and/or equipment, Helps eliminate the need for a bar
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