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3M™ Versaflo™ Heavy Industry PAPR Kit TR-300N+ HIK 1 EA/Case

3M™ Versaflo™ Heavy Industry PAPR Kit TR-300N+ HIK 1 EA/Case

SKU: 7100153815
The 3M™ Versaflo™ TR-300-HIK is a complete, ready to use HE PAPR system for industrial applications. Provides protection against particulates.
  • Product Additional Description

    Two types of alarms - one audible and one visual - alert user to either a low battery or low flow, such a when a particle filter is fully loaded. LED lights on the battery indicate its charge status on and off the charger. The kit includes: M-307N+ Respiratory Hard Hat Assembly, TR-302N+ PAPR Unit, TR-326 High Durability Belt, TR-341N Battery Charger, TR-3712N Filter, TR-362 Spark Arrestor, TR-3600 Pre-Filter, TR-332 High Capacity Battery, BT-40 Heavy Duty Breathing Tube, TR-971 Airflow Indicator.
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    Stay productive - With our PPE equipment designed for compatibility, you can easily accommodate eyeglasses and attach earmuffs, Beat harsh environments - Rugged work demands durable and strong head protection, See clearer - Durable faceshield helps protect against flying objects and sparks while retaining optical clarity, Breathe easier - When working in hot, humid conditions, stay comfortable with powered air, Work longer - the High Efficiency battery allows you to work in a remote location for extended periods of time, Two selectable flow rate options - 6.5 CFM and 7.2 CFM - offers more options and comfort to the user, Easy-to-use and versatile PAPR system for particulate environments, High Efficiency particulate filter
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