ACE™ Kinesiology Elbow Support 900138, .87 in x .87 in (22 mm x 22 mm)

ACE™ Kinesiology Elbow Support 900138, .87 in x .87 in (22 mm x 22 mm)

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Targeted pressure for sore or injured elbows.
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    The ACE™ Kinesiology Elbow Support features a Pressure Pad that offers targeted pressure to provide support to sore or injured elbows. Made from an innovative four-way-stretch Flexible Fiber Matrix Material, the support moves with you as you swing, paddle, lift, and shoot. Each support is pre-cut in the ideal shape – so there’s no need to hassle with scissors. The thin, low-profile design offers an athletic look, yet fits discreetly under clothing. From the tennis court to the golf course, keep on enjoying the activities you love with a little help from the ACE™ Kinesiology Elbow Support
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    Targeted pressure for sore or injured elbows, Flexible Fiber Matrix Material and Pressure Pad work together for two layers of support, Pre-cut design with adhesive backing contours to the elbow, Each one-time-use adhesive support may be worn for up to three days, Water-resistant materials are breathable and suitable for use in the shower or during water activities, Easy-to-apply design requires no scissors; simply peel the liner, align the pressure pad to your injured area, and press the support down from edge-to-edge for a secure fit, Great for everyday activities, athletics, and sports including tennis, racquetball, golf, skiing, volleyball, basketball , biking, hockey, weightlifting, water activities, soccer, running, , , baseball, and more, For best results, trim body hair if needed, apply to clean, dry, lotion-free skin 60 minutes prior to exercise, A great alternative to bulky elbow braces, sleeves, and straps, Package contents: 3 adhesive supports
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