ACE™ Ultra-Lite Ankle Brace, 901014, Medium

ACE™ Ultra-Lite Ankle Brace, 901014, Medium

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The Ultra-Lite Ankle Brace uses a lightweight contoured outer shell for long-lasting protection.
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    The ACE™ Ultra-Lite Ankle Brace provides the support and compression that lets you regain–and maintain–your footing on the court or the field. Featuring an ultra-lightweight contoured outer shell and multi-directional, figure-eight strapping system for support. A pro-style strap wraps the upper ankle in customizable support. Whether you’re going one-on-one in the driveway or rounding the bases at the park, the ACE™ Ultra-Lite Ankle Brace gives you the leg up to go the distance.
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    Multi-directional, figure-eight strapping system delivers support to common injuries such as sprains or strains, Adjustable design offers a custom fit, Breathable material enhances airflow to help keep skin dry, Multiple straps replace the need for ankle taping, Convenient design can be worn on either ankle, Wear with a sock underneath for enhanced comfort, Fits comfortably with a variety of footwear, Size: S, M, L, XL, ACE™ is America's most trusted brand of braces, supports and elastic bandages* (*Based on 2015 TNS Brand Health tracking of braces, supports and elastic bandages.), Supported by our expert panel of engineers and medical professionals.
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