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FUTURO™ Compression Glove, 09183ENR, S/M

FUTURO™ Compression Glove, 09183ENR, S/M

SKU: 7100157807
Adjustable wrap-around strap for customized fit. Helps support hands and wrists that suffer mild discomfort from repetitive tasks. Provides soothing warmth, support and flexibility. Breathable, latex-free material for comfort.
  • Product Additional Description

    The FUTURO™ Compression Glove provides comfort for your hand so you can focus on your work, workout and everyday activities. The wrap surrounds your wrist with 360 degrees of support and the stretchy glove offers mild compression, all while providing great range of motion. Rely on the soothing support of the FUTURO™ Compression Glove.
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    Provides mild support to aching, weak hands and wrists, Adjusts for a snug fit, Easy on, easy off design, Soft, breathable materials enhance comfort, Designed for all-day wear, Wear on either hand for versatility, Supported by our expert panel of engineers and medical professionals, Size: S/M, L/XL, Color: Beige
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