FUTURO™ Energizing Wrist Support 48402EN, Right Hand, Large/Extra-Large

SKU: 7100115868
Provides the energizing compression of a glove with the stability of a rigid wrist brace. Breathable, soft and flexible materials. Easy-Sleeve design for effortless application. Low-cut, ergonomic shape allows for free hand movement for typing, writing.
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    Designed to help relieve symptoms from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other wrist ailments, the FUTURO™ Energizing Wrist Support is equipped with three straps to deliver the perfect balance of rigid support and compression. Featuring an easy-sleeve construction, this wrist brace is so easy to slip on and off, and soft materials help keep you comfortable all day. A gel-cushioned palm provides comfort, and the low-cut profile allows you to type and text with ease. Whether you're playing a pick-up game at the gym or catching up on e-mails at work, rely on the stabilizing support of the FUTURO™ Energizing Wrist Support.
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    Provides moderate-stabilizing support to injured wrists, Three straps provide a customizable fit, Allows your fingers to move naturally, Easy-to-use design, Supported by our expert panel of engineers and medical professionals, Size: Left Hand – S/M, L/XL Right Hand – S/M, L/XL, Color: Black, Easy-Sleeve design for effortless application
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