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FUTURO™ Quick Strap Ankle Support 47736EN, Adjustable

FUTURO™ Quick Strap Ankle Support 47736EN, Adjustable

SKU: 7100160866
Quick lacing and strap system provides custom fit
  • Product Additional Description

    The FUTURO™ Quick Strap Ankle Support lets you get off the bench and into the game. Featuring a quick-lace strapping system, this ankle brace lets you make split-second adjustments so you don’t miss a stride. Full ankle coverage provides comfortable compression, while zoned gel cushioning helps protect your Achilles and anklebone on the field. You're not about to let a minor injury curb your competitive edge–rely on the support of the FUTURO™ Quick Strap Ankle Support and it's game on.
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    Moderate-support design offers customizable levels of compression and support, Adjustable features for custom comfort, Helps support stiff, sore, or injured ankles, Materials allow air to circulate and help keep skin dry, Wear with a sock underneath for enhanced comfort, Fits comfortably with a variety of footwear, Supported by our expert panel of engineers and medical professionals, Size: Adjustable, Color: Black
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