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FUTURO™ Sport Wrist Support, 09033ENR, ADJ

FUTURO™ Sport Wrist Support, 09033ENR, ADJ

SKU: 7100157822
Adjustable compression strap for customized fit and support. Thumb loop makes wrap around easy to put on and take off. Helps support weak or sore wrists. Durable neoprene-blend materials for strong support, soothing warmth and comfort.
  • Product Additional Description

    Whether you're playing tennis, or need extra support at the gym, rely on the moderate comfort of the FUTURO™ Sport e Wrist Support. Designed to provide customizable compression, this wrist brace wraps your wrist in durable neoprene while providing heat retention to your injury. The thumb loop makes this wrist support super easy to put on and take off, and you can use it on either wrist for lasting use. A minor wrist injury isn't about to slow you down–so reach for the moderate support of the FUTURO™ Sport Wrist Support and get out there.
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    Moderate support offers customizable levels of compression and support, Adjustable design provides a customizable fit, Allows your fingers to move naturally, Wear on either wrist for versatility, Supported by our expert panel of engineers and medical professionals, Size: Adjustable, Color: Black, Caution: Some individuals may be sensitive to neoprene or neoprene-blend rubber. If a rash develops, discontinue use and contact a physician
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