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FUTURO™ Tennis Elbow Strap, 45975ENR, Adjustable

FUTURO™ Tennis Elbow Strap, 45975ENR, Adjustable

SKU: 7100158299
Provides targeted pressure for forearm pain
  • Product Additional Description

    The FUTURO™ Tennis Elbow Support is designed to keep you in winning form. You and your backhand don't have to hold back anymore, and you don't have to be a tennis player to enjoy a strong grip or active finger movements. The support helps provide firm, stabilizing protection and compression. A Patented Tendon Pad cushion places gentle, targeted pressure on elbow tendons and muscles to help provide the support you need to get back on the court.
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  • Product Feature

    Provides moderate support to weak, sore and injured tendons, Adjustable strap provides a customizable fit, Tendon pad applies zoned pressure to help provide support to elbows affect by the symptoms of tendonitis, Breathable materials help keep you cool, Wear on either arm for versatility, Intended to help provide support to elbows affected by tendonitis and tennis/golf elbow, Supported by our expert panel of engineers and medical professionals, Size: Adjustable, Color: Black
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