Nexcare™ Active™ Waterproof Bandages, 516-30PB, 30 ct. Assorted

Nexcare™ Active™ Waterproof Bandages, 516-30PB, 30 ct. Assorted

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Unique shape designed for better seal around the pad.
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    Designed for on-the-go lifestyles, Nexcare™ Active Waterproof Bandages let you tend to minor wounds like scrapes, cuts and blisters without missing a beat. A 360-degree seal keeps out water dirt. Constructed with a flexible, waterproof backing and a non-stick pad, these bandages are designed to stay stuck, even on the most difficult body parts to cover. A necessity in any medicine cabinet and first-aid kit, Nexcare™ Active Waterproof Bandages offer quick, minor wound care to keep you moving at the speed of life.
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    Advanced water-resistant adhesive sticks to damp or sweaty skin, Waterproof design stays on skin in the bath, shower or pool, Cushioned material helps protect cuts, scrapes and blisters, A unique shape is designed for a better seal around the pad, Leaves minimal adhesive residue on skin when removed, Breathable construction, Made in the USA, Quantity: available in 20 count – assorted sizes, and 8 count - knee & elbow, Not made with natural rubber latex
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