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Nexcare™ Athletic Wrap CR-3R, 3 in x 80 in (76,2 mm x 2,03 m), Unstretched

Nexcare™ Athletic Wrap CR-3R, 3 in x 80 in (76,2 mm x 2,03 m), Unstretched

SKU: 7100171844
Self-adhering elastic support wrap. Available in white, blue, red, black and tan. Un-stretched.
  • Product Additional Description

    The Nexcare™ Athletic Wrap provides reliable support to weak and injured joints, without the need for adhesive. The ideal base layer for sports tape, this underwrap applies easily, sticks to itself and lets you remove adhesive sports tape and other first-aid tapes without the ouch. Totally repositionable, this athletic wrap allows you to achieve your desired level of support, yet it stays in place. Whether you're nursing an injury or trying to prevent one, start with the Nexcare™ Athletic Wrap for comfort before, during and after your favorite activity.
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    Breathable design creates a comfortable barrier between your skin and first aid or sports tape, Provides customizable support and compression to elbows, wrists, ankles and knees, Easy to use for hassle-free application and removal, Helps secure hot and cold packs for hands-free injury relief, Sticks to itself for easy, no clips required, Low-profile design is comfortable under clothing, Helps secure splints, devices, and more, Made in the USA, Package contents: 1 roll, 3” x 80” (76.2mm x 2 m), Color: black, blue, red, white, or tan, Caution: This Product Contains Natural Rubber Latex Which May Cause Allergic Reactions
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