Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, 3321-SSAN-B, 3 in x 3 in (76 mm x 76 mm)

Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, 3321-SSAN-B, 3 in x 3 in (76 mm x 76 mm)

SKU: 7100130290
Miami Colors. Post-it® Super Sticky Notes have a unique adhesive so your notes will stick securely to more surfaces. Now you can stick your notes where they'll really get monitors, doors and walls!
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    Post-it® Super Sticky Notes in 3 in x 3 in feature 2x the sticking power. Use for notes or reminders on doors, windows or walls. Unique adhesive reliably sticks and re-sticks so your message can stay front and center. Move your notes with you throughout the day. Miami Collection colors inspired by the exuberant soul of the Miami urban paradise. 3 Pads/Pack with bonus pad, 45 Sheets/Pad.
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    3 in x 3 in, Miami Collection, Post-it® Super Sticky Notes stick and re-stick so your thoughts get noticed., Post-it® Super Sticky Notes have 2X the sticking power., Use with free Post-it® App so you can take your ideas, capture them and share the output with your team to keep project momentum going., Use for reminders on doors, windows and walls., 4 Pads/Pack, 45 Sheets/Pad, Post-it® Super Sticky Notes are recyclable., The paper in Post-it® Super Sticky Notes is sourced from certified, renewable and responsibly managed forests.
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