Scotch® Duct Tape, 920-WHT-C, 1.88 in x 20 yd (48 mm x 18,2 m) White, 6 rls/cs

SKU: 7100138734
Scotch® Duct Tape- White is a mid-grade duct tape used to craft, repair, decorate, and color code. This item is available in a 1w x 2h x 3d perfed case with 6 individually wrapped 1.88 in x 20 yd rolls.
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    Scotch® Duct Tape is designed to let consumers express their creativity. These tapes are great for crafting, decorating, organizing and color coding. Select from a variety of fun, bold colors and patterns.
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    Easily unwinds, Tears easily, Applies smoothly, Durable, waterproof backing
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