Scotch® Strapping Tape 50, 1.88 in x 360 in (48 mm x 9.14 m)

SKU: 7010370037
Scotch® Reinforced Strength Shipping Strapping Tape seals, bands and repairs. Meets US Postal Regulations for standard packages.
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    When strength and toughness count, count on Scotch® Reinforced Strength Strapping Tape. Its fiberglass strands make this tape so strong and tough that it can seal, band, repair and stand up to some of the heaviest packing jobs you can come up with. And it’s as easy to use as it is strong. This tape can stand up to heavyweight situations, even delivering a tensile strength of greater than 100 lbs per inch. Sometimes, things can get pretty tough on the things you need to pack, ship or store. Get something even tougher. Scotch® Reinforced Strength Strapping Tape.
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    Fiberglass reinforced for heavy jobs, Can handle weight greater than 100 lbs per inch (tensile strength), Strong, durable hot melt adhesive seals and protects, Super strong holding power, Ideal for sealing, banding and bundling, Use the included dispenser to easily apply tape to your boxes and packages, Meets U.S. Postal regulations for standard packages, Made in USA with globally sourced materials
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