Scotch® Ultra Clear Mailing Packaging Tape w/dispenser 141, 1.88 in x 800 in

Scotch® Ultra Clear Mailing Packaging Tape w/dispenser 141, 1.88 in x 800 in

SKU: 7010332396
Scotch® Ultra Clear Mailing Packaging Tape is designed to securely seal small packages or envelopes sent by mail, and comes with an easy-to-use dispenser. Clear. Meets U.S. Postal Regulations for standard packages. Clear.
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    When important information is covered up and unclear—important packages may not get where they need to go. The clearest choice you can make is Scotch® Ultra Clear Packaging Tape. It seals small packages and envelopes of all sizes—without ever covering up important information. Our strong, clear-finish tape goes on easily, and stays on securely thanks to its strong hot melt adhesive. This tape is tough enough to stand up to the kind of rough handling your packages and envelopes go through every day. Clear, strong, secure Scotch® Ultra Clear Packaging Tape—the right tape to help get your important packages to the right place.
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    Ultra clear tape won’t cover up important information, Protects labels and seals strong, 2.6 mil thickness for durable strength, Unique hot melt adhesive / when it goes on, it stays on, seals tight, Includes refillable dispenser with fall-back tabs to ensure tape doesn’t fall back on the roll, Durable holding power and high-performance adhesive resists tearing, Meets U.S. Postal regulations for standard packages, Made in USA with globally sourced materials
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