Scotch™ Utility Knife TI-RS, Small Refill Blades

Scotch™ Utility Knife TI-RS, Small Refill Blades

SKU: 7100062018
Small Refill blades - 5 CT. Scotch™ Titanium Utility Knife Small, 9mm
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    Refill blades for the Scotch™ Precision Titanium Utility Knife. Ideal for home, office, or DIY projects.These superior titanium coated blades are great for cutting thick materials including cardboard, foam board, plastic, rope and more. Features an angled blade for precision cutting performance. A new sharp edge is just a snap - use the quick change cap to always have a sharp edge ready.
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    5 refill blades come in 1 secure storage case., Each blade has 12 snap-off points., Stays sharper 3X longer than stainless steel., Scotch™ Utility Knife sold separetely.
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