Scotchgard™ Rug & Carpet Protector 4406-17, 17 oz.

Scotchgard™ Rug & Carpet Protector 4406-17, 17 oz.

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Keeps rugs and carpets cleaner and new-looking longer with heavy duty formula that repels spills, resists soiling and limits reappearing spots.
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    Keep your carpet and rugs looking newer, longer with Scotchgard™ Rug & Carpet Protector. The triple-action approach repels spills, resists soiling, and blocks stains by forcing liquids up to the surface where they bead up for easy cleanup. Plus, neutralizing action minimizes sticky residue other spray cleaners leave behind, making those reappearing, phantom stains a thing of the past. So prepare for life's little mishaps today, and rest assured with Scotchgard™ Rug & Carpet Protector, your secret stain avenger.
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    Strong carpet protection repels spills for easier cleanup , Ideal for high-traffic areas, runners, bath mats, auto mats and more. One 17 oz. can covers approximately a 5 ft. x 6 ft. area , Apply to new or clean carpets, wet or dry, with a simple, one-step application. Doesn't change the look and feel of your carpet and limits reappearing spots , Reapply Scotchgard Rug & Carpet Protector every time your carpet is steam cleaned or every six months
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